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Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

Below is a list of the trade bodies and other professional bodies that we are members of.

NAFD – National Association Of Funeral DIrectors

It is important when selecting a local independent funeral director in Budleigh or Exmouth that you chose a reputable company that is a member of a trade body and has been inspected to demonstrate the standards of care for both you as the client and your loved one.

Entrusting a loved one to the care of a funeral director, when you are grieving, is an important decision and the National Association of Funeral Directors is there to help ensure the funeral director you choose will give you the very best care and support.

A really good funeral director does more than simply help you organise the funeral. They are at your side through the first few weeks after someone has died, providing you with as much, or as little, funeral advice and support as you need.

That’s why it’s critical to choose a funeral home that works hard to achieve a consistently high standard of service – and is prepared to be regularly assessed on whether it achieves this.

AGFD – Association Of Green Funeral Directors

Established in 2009, the Association of Green Funeral Directors (AGFD) has three main objectives.
To help members of the public find funeral homes in their area which are willing to provide more sustainable and eco-friendly options in the funerals they carry out.
To encourage funeral directors (FDs) to become more green-minded in all aspects of their work and help bring natural funerals into the mainstream.
To hold the yearly Good Funeral Awards which recognise all those in the industry who are offering the best service and/or products to their customers.

Natural Death Centre – Recommended Funeral Director

Established in 1991, The Natural Death Centre is a social, entrepreneurial, educational charity that gives free, impartial advice on all aspects of dying, bereavement and consumer rights. They give support on family-organised and environmentally friendly funerals, and run the Association of Natural Burial Grounds. Although green in outlook, they promote choice and education in all aspects of funerals.

Fair Funerals

In 2015 QSA launched the Fair Funerals pledge, inviting funeral directors to commit to price transparency, including being open about their most affordable options. In 2020 the pledge was strengthened and relaunched requiring funeral directors to publish, on their websites and in branches, all their prices, any third-party costs, and their payment terms.

We were delighted that our work helped bring about the Competition and Markets Authority’s funeral industry investigation (external link) to which we provided detailed evidence and insight through 2018 to 2021. One of the outcomes of this was the creation of their Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 (external link), which came into force in September 2021, making it a legal requirement for all funeral directors across the UK to be transparent about their prices.