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Scattering of ashes

Scattering of ashes

Dealing with ashes following a funeral 

With or without the disruption COVID has made on funeral arrangements it is quite possible and fine to have a memorial service weeks or months after the funeral (disposal)  was held.

For many families in the UK funeral arrangements have been severely limited in numbers or restricted on attendance altogether. 

It is entirely legal to hold a memorial service or event (both religious or non religious) many months later including holding a “Celebration of LIfe” or event to scatter the ashes of the deceased, or both. We can organise this for you and provide an officiant to lead the event.

Ashes Scattering Options

On land

To scatter ashes on land in the UK you need the land owner’s permission. If it is your own land or garden you can do so at any time. For other locations you will need permission. We are happy to advise on this and seek permission for you (and provide a minister or celebrant to perform a short service).

On water

Unless privately owned it is fully permissible to scatter ashes on the beach or sea. However there are a few guidelines to follow – see the document from the Environment Agency.

Generally speaking it is advisable to be courteous to other members of the public using the area and ensure you are over 1km from anywhere that water is collected or pumped. Marinas and harbours are usually private areas and scattering is not allowed without permission.

In coastal areas such as beaches locally be aware of strong winds and consider using one or more water urns that can be floated on the surface, These are biodegradable and usually designed to float for a period of reflection before sinking and dispersing naturally.

We supply a range of water urns available from our friends at Scattering Ashes

Scattering by boat

Weather permitting it is perfectly fine to scatter ashes from a boat on a river or sea subject to any permissions needed. This can include a short service or few words spoken by family members, or an officiant organised by ourselves.

This can include refreshments before, during or after the event. Our staff can look after the entire event from beginning to end leaving the family free to concentrate on remembering the person who has passed.
For more information on any of the above please email us at or call anytime on 01395 911118